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Looking for Some Expert Advice for your Facebook (and Instagram) Ads Campaigns?

Our 1:1 consulting option is perfect for you if you want to bring in expert eyes at various times and for various projects. If you’re ready to support the growth and evolution of your business using Facebook ads, we’d love to get involved. We can chat about a range of online marketing topics (i.e. not just Facebook ads) including landing page optimization, pixel installation, ad creative, audience strategy, Instagram marketing, and more.
Benefits of 1:1 consulting…
  • Avoid bad strategies and rooking mistakes by setting your ads up right the first time.

  • Get a fresh, unbiased perspective on your ideas and content.

  • Set workable and attainable goals and strategies.

  • Gain the confidence you need to run your own ads campaigns, knowing you have the expert support you need at any time.

  • Get crystal clear on your ads campaign strategy, and the funnel you’d like to lead your potential clients/customers through.

1:1 Consulting with Laura

$120/hour USD
  • Tutorial videos to review campaigns or help out with a problem
  • Strategy sessions via Skype (recorded for your future use)
  • Expert advice on Facebook and Instagram ads, landing pages, sales funnels, and email marketing
  • A fresh, unbiased perspective
  • An opportunity to bounce ideas around and brainstorm strategies

“Laura has been a lifesaver this year as I have scaled my business to new heights. Our most recent online course brought in over $200,000 and we had participants from all over the globe (35+ international countries!).”

Irene Lyon, Trauma Therapist | Vancouver, Canada

Ready to get started? Get in touch with us to learn more!