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Welcome to Lancaster Media

We’re an online marketing agency based in Vancouver, British Columbia, specializing in customer acquisition strategies and automated sales funnels. We pride ourselves on our ability to connect our clients with their ideal customers using our broad range of expertise in web design and development; lead generation; copywriting; navigation and user experience strategy; email marketing; creating and promoting online courses, SEO and content marketing; and Facebook ads.

About Us

Hi, I’m Laura Lancaster, and I’m running the show here at Lancaster Media. We’re a team of creative freelancers including graphic designers, developers, and copywriters.
I’m going to guess you and I aren’t all that different – I started my business because I wanted to make a living doing what I love. With a bachelor’s degree in communications and media, I love to write and tell stories. I started working with entrepreneurs online in 2011 and now specialize in Facebook ads services, copywriting, landing pages, and automated email sequences designed to attract high-quality leads and turn them into clients.
My team and I believe that with the right kind of support entrepreneurs and small businesses can compete in the marketing big leagues alongside their giant competitors.
We also believe that valuable and engaging content is King, and that authenticity goes a very long way.

Want to find out an online marketing strategy that will work best for your business? Get in touch with us to learn more!